Final Weigh In

Today I had my final weigh in for my 8 week challenge. I came in at 160 lbs, 14.1% body fat, and 130.6 pounds of muscle. Considering that my diet fell off hard in the last week, I am pretty happy with this. Some keys that I noticed…

  1. My workouts progressed throughout the 8 weeks. I was able to do more weight this week than even 2 weeks ago. I just feel stronger.
  2. I stayed active when I wasn’t workout out. On my “rest” days, I went to fairs, family fun events, and baseball games. I was constantly in the sun and moving and sweating, even when I didn’t want to be.
  3. I only lifted weights for gains 2 days per week. Upper body on Tuesday, lower body/abs on Thursday. Every Wednesday I ran a 7am bootcamp which consists of light weight training and lots of cardio.
  4. I only did cardio 2-3 days per week. Whether it was riding my bike, running, or even mowing my lawn, I made sure that I did a weight free cardio workout that would make me sweat.
  5. I eventually reintroduced alcohol into my diet, but always accounted for it. I only had about 6 beers in the 8 weeks, but I made sure that I put sweat equity into that decision.

While I am only down a total of 2.8 pounds, I watched my muscle mass increase over 3 pounds and my fat percentage drop more than 3%. When I was a senior in high school, I weighed 160 with about 11% body fat. While I don’t expect to make that my goal, it is something I know I can achieve if I keep up this lifestyle. Food for thought, I suppose.



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