Eight Week Challenge: Week 2

After two full weeks of the challenge, I am down 2.2 lbs, which is cool. I also decided to use the alternate function on our body composition scale for athletic builds. When doing this, the results are drastically different. Instead of 21% body fat, it’s reduced to 15.4%. Muscle mass is up to 129 lbs instead of 120 lbs. It’s clearly guessing because in reality, the numbers shouldn’t be different. Although, when I used a skin pinch test, my body fat percentage was around 16%. So I think I’ll continue using this function.

So as promised, my workouts. I’ll start with Thursday since I weigh in on Wednesday mornings.

Thursday: Legs and Abs. I generally stay away from spine loaded exercises like back squats, so I prefer heavy goblet squats or front squats. If the rack is taken, I’ll use the leg press… although I don’t like it. Leg extension, leg curl, weighted calf raises are all pretty standard, but it’s important to hit other muscles. I will hook up with a low cable and do abductor and adductor swings. I’ll also throw back extensions or dead lifts in, along with step up to reverse lunge and box jumps. All good things.

For abs, there are a million exercises and I just pick a few.

Friday: Distance run or rest.

Saturday: Active rest- Mowing the lawn or taking my kids to the park.

Sunday: Distance run.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Chest, back, arms, shoulders. I only get 3 days in the gym, so I have to plan accordingly. I don’t have a gym membership outside of work. So I do at least 2 exercises per muscle group. Chest fly, bench press or dumbbell press for chest. Dumbbell curls, dips, tricep push down and EZ curl are standard for arms. Low row and lat pull down are my go to for back, or a best over row or reverse fly. Lateral raises, upright raises, and overhead dumbbell press are go to for shoulders.

Wednesday: Bootcamp in the morning. It’s a total body workout with lots of cardio. I generally stay away from cardio on Tuesday and Thursday. So far it’s working out ok.


I am really trying to focus on nutrition above everything. I’ll talk about this next week. Until next time…



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