My Eight Week Challenge

I suppose I didn’t want to write 2 posts in 2 days, but the introduction is just that. So one of the big reasons I wanted to start this blog was to talk about personal training, fitness programs, and personally training myself.

This summer, campus is pretty low key and all my personal training clients are either home for the summer or we finished our last session a couple weeks ago. With that being the case, I decided to take time to focus on my own health. By no means am I unhealthy, but I can be a lot better. So I started an Eight Week Challenge with basic guidelines.

  1. No Alcohol
  2. No Pop
  3. No Candy (We still have Easter candy in my house)
  4. Less/No Fried Food
  5. 5 hours, minimum, of exercise each week

That shouldn’t be too hard, but it’s so easy to take the fast and easy route with two kids. In my efforts to be healthy, that will keep my kids healthy and I’ll hopefully set a good example for them.

I am one week in and I’ve already lost 2 pounds (160 pounds). My body fat percentage is 21.1% and I’m rocking 120.6 pounds of muscle. My goal is to be under 20% fat and have 125+ pounds of muscle. My goal is not necessarily to lose weight, but to lose fat and look the best I have since I was 18.

I took my “Before” pictures last week. I am expecting a drastically different “After” shot come July 30. My next post will discuss what I’m doing in my workouts. If this 8 week thing works for me, I might implement it here at the university.

Until next time…



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